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Statement on sexuality

Theological Position of
the Parish of Christ Church, Windsor, Nova Scotia,
in the light of the current controversies about sexuality

In the light of the present controversy within the Anglican Communion, particularly about the blessing of same-sex couples, The Parish of Christ Church states the following theological position:

that, The Parish of Christ Church upholds the classical understanding of Christian marriage as articulated in The Book of Common Prayer [1] (Cdn., 1962); in particular, that marriage is the sanctified union of a man and a woman;

that, The Parish of Christ Church recognises that friendships are a blessing but finds no warrant in Scripture or Tradition for any equivalence between the blessing of friends and Christian marriage;

that, The Parish of Christ Church welcomes all people to the Church as the refuge of sinners regardless of any particular form of self-definition but without requiring the acceptance of any other category of definition about our humanity than what clearly belongs to the doctrines of creation, redemption or sanctification, namely, as male and female, as sinners seeking redeeming grace, and the sanctified states of life as single or married, lay or ordained.

Passed unanimously by the Parish Council of the Corporation of the Parish of Christ Church on Tuesday, October 14, 2003.